Mavericks You Should Know

Joe Andelin CEO of Olavi Group
We do analytics, the simplest and most robust health insurance benchmarking, and offer unique data sets and tools for startups and brokers.

Mavericks You Should Know

Lauren Dai COO & CO-Founder of Cocoon
Cocoon is the first full-suite software solution to remove the manual, heavy-lift from complex leave processes all HR departments must tackle. The Cocoon platform is designed to address every type of employee leave (i.e. parental, medical, bereavement, or any other type), across all 50 states, handling everything from compliance to claims management to payroll calculations. It factors in all state, federal, company, and insurance benefits to demystify, simplify, and streamline the leave experience for both employees and HR teams. 
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Standing Up For Startups

Knowality tackles health care with a passion for innovation and social impact.
Knowality, a boutique firm that specializes in accelerating market adoption for health care startups, is paving the way with innovation and knowledge. Dr. Trent Haywood, Knowality’s founder, and Haesun Chang, his business partner, combined their expertise to effect change through groundbreaking health care solutions.
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A Clearer Image

Dr. Cristin Dickerson transforms her field with Green Imaging.
For more than a decade, Dr. Cristin Dickerson of Houston has been disrupting the way radiology services in the U.S. are provided and billed. By doing so, she has helped create a better payment landscape for employers, patients, and even for radiologists in the markets her company serves. 

Power in Numbers

The Health Transformation Alliance uses its leverage to improve American health care.
The Health Transformation Alliance (HTA) is a nonprofit cooperative of leading U.S. self-insured employers that uses the companies’ aggregated health care data and collective buying power to provide higher quality health benefits for their employees at the same or lower cost. Fifty-seven member organizations from the financial services, banking, manufacturing, retail, health care, energy, agriculture, insurance, transportation, technology, oil and gas, consumer products, food and beverage, communications, and packaging industries have banded together to fix the broken health care system.
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Easy does it.

SimplePay Health changes the health care insurance conversation.
For the past six years, Ryan Murry, senior director of benefits for Essilor of America, has focused on a challenge that bedevils most U.S. employers: offering health benefits that make it easy to attract and retain employees while health care costs continue to rise. “We’ve been able to see a lot of great success in controlling our costs and improving the wellness of our population,” he says. “I have learned that is one of my passions.” 
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Leading the Change

Surgery Center of Oklahoma is the standard-bearer for upfront health care pricing.
A hysterectomy costs $8,000; a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy, $3,100. A bone marrow biopsy is $5,800. Total knee replacement: $15,499. Those prices—which include pre- and post-operative services, surgeon(s), anesthesia, pathology, facility fees and, in the case of joint replacement, physical therapy and home health—are all offered by Surgery Center of Oklahoma, which has operated outside the traditional health insurance system for nearly 25 years.

Transparent Health Care Pricing For All

Chris Severn launches Turquoise Health to bring clarity to a confusing market.
The health care industry has, until recently, been excused from this demand for price transparency, leaving patients at the mercy of a confusing, unpredictable, outdated, and expensive system. Chris Severn, founder of Turquoise Health, explains the unique challenges associated with increasing price transparency in health care.
Health Care

No Worries

Paytient makes getting sick feel better.
Brian Whorley, founder and CEO of Paytient, has seen firsthand the emotional hills and valleys that patients and their families experience in their health care journeys, and he has made it his company’s mission to make the journey easier. He is proud that his company helps people better access and afford care, and candidly shares his perspective on the future of health care.
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House Calls Reinvented

Ro’s Zachariah Reitano is determined to make quality health care accessible to everyone.
Zachariah Reitano’s mission for his company, Ro, is to build a patient-centric health care system. It’s an ambitious mission that seeks to unravel decades of mind-boggling complexity, but Reitano has demonstrated to patients, providers, and investors that he is the right person at the right time to make it happen.
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