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Charting a new course. A letter from the founder.

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Sharing personal stories from mission-driven mavericks in the benefits space.

Along with the fascinating products, plans, and new markets they have created.

In our journey with this new magazine, we’ll find and introduce you to forward-thinking, mission-driven founders, innovators, and builders. These are men and women who have staked their reputations, careers and capital on a conviction, a belief with teeth, that is resonating with employers, plans, patients, and providers and redefining what we’ve all come to accept as the status quo.

Maverick was created to spotlight these founders, whether they’re in LA or Oklahoma City, and share their insights, backgrounds, and beliefs that are reshaping how Americans will access and afford care in the coming years.

We’ll introduce you to visionary founders creating modern, disruptive models of patient care that enable physicians to deliver better care to more people at a lower cost—a market-oriented approach to address economic disparities in access to care.

We’ll highlight a repeat founder and industry insider who is now building a next-generation patient experience, one that enables every employee on the health plan to see the actual cost of every treatment upfront, and helps them navigate to the highest quality provider in their market.

We’ll bring forward real-life profiles in courage with physicians who experienced a “Damascus Road” moment and decided to unhook from Medicare and step out of the machine of big box medicine to price and directly sell their talent on the open market to employers and patients.

Speaking personally, while I find the products, plans, and markets each maverick has created super interesting, it is the personal stories and struggle behind their successes that I find most inspiring: the mountains they had to climb just to get this far, the sideline critiques, and rocks thrown their way from obvious and obscure angles alike. In the world today, there’s no shortage of people who will post a complaint about health care, but there are few who have the confidence and conviction to launch into the void and build what they believe to be part of the answer.

They deserve to have their stories told, and we’re proud to share them with you.

Maverick is about people. Not point solutions, plan designs, PBMs, or policy.

Brian Whorley, Founder